… To be fair, anyone who’s been in both Johnny Mnemonic AND Tank Girl can’t be too stupid. Those are some classic cult movies. I mean, talking kangaroos and psychic dolphins? What more do you require from your cinema experiences??

… For extra points, you can call someone a “juicy chicken sucker”.

I’m still waiting for an opportunity to work that one into a conversation!

True fax: Puffy pants, or as most people call them, owlets, are among the cutest things on Earth. I believe that this particular exchange took place when Layne found a Barn Owl cam. The babies were just at the extremely foofy stage, and I think the noise I made when he showed them to me was only audible by dogs.

Hey guys! We’re back! After a long hiatus as I tried to get ahead/caught up on several side projects and my Weregeek buffer, Moosehead Stew has finally returned! I’m going to be running a month of strips, as promised on my IndieGoGo campaign, and I’m hoping that getting back in the groove of making these comics will keep me going after that month is over. So, wish me luck!

Also, this conversation happened pretty much verbatim, though without the awesome explosion. I think Layne wishes that he could have awesome techno montages to compress his 10 hours in the lab into a 30 second segment with a funky soundtrack.


Hey Weregeeks! Just a reminder that the commission sale goes live on Monday, and I’ll be posting a link to the pricing and details here on the blog.

For now, I’ve had a several people ask what sorts of things I’m comfortable drawing. The answer is, pretty much anything, provided it’s PG-13. (Cheesecake is fine, but no nudity.) I’m comfortable drawing in several different styles, so if you’ve had a hankering for an anime character, I can probably do that.  Same thing if you have a noir character, or a Hellboy fan character, or anything of that sort. If you have photo reference of the sort of style you’re after, that makes it easier on me.

Today’s sketch is a sampling of the sorts of things people have commissioned from me in the past.

This comic depicts, almost word for word, actual events from life.  If anything, I’ve toned down Laye dramatics. To be fair, he *had* put in a long day at the lab and hadn’t slept well the night before, but it was still hilarious to watch the overacting occur.

And, speaking of Shatner and cooking… If you’re a fan of both, you should watch Iron Chef USA (not Iron Chef America), in which Bill Shatner plays the part of the chariman.  It’s all kinds of wonderful!

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