There’s always energy for Rock Band!!

SDCC was a ton of fun, but seriously – five days is really, really a long time to be on your feet. We were all pretty exhausted by the time tear-down was done on Sunday. We headed for some celebratory tacos & ice cream, and then back to the house to crash. There was briefly some talk of heading back downtown to hang out with whoever hadn’t flown out yet, but the lure of the couch was simply too strong.

We laid down for all of twenty minutes before the lure of Rock Band became too strong. I mean – playing drums is still sitting, right? And you can totally play a guitar sitting down… Besides, the couches were within crawling distance of the PS3, and the temptation was simply too much!

It was a ton of fun, and exactly what we needed to unwind after a long convention sitting within range of the Rock Band 3 booth. (Which, coincidentally, looks like it’s going to be [i]awesome[/i]!!)

So there you have it – the end of my journey to SDCC. Next – Gen Con!!

News: Posted August 17th, 2010 by Alina

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  1. racschou Says:

    I’ve been lurking on both Moose Head and Weregeek for a few months now, and because I nitpick, this is the things I comment on – you need to check your HTML tags, sweetie.

    Posted August 19th, 2010 at 10:13 am

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