Webcomics party!!!

((Sorry this blog post is a few days behind!!! I was going to write more, but the internet connection out in my cabin was a tad patchy when I posted this one, and I wanted to double-check links! I’m still catching up with a few things after our trip to Seattle, but Moosehead Stew should be back on track come Thursday!))

So, I had the good fortune to be standing in the midst of a crowd of webcomics artists during the course of the Emerald City Comic Expo, and several thoughts crossed my mind. One, that we are a motley and assorted crew of ruffians. And two, that a good deal of them seem to tower over me. Seriously – there are a TON of really tall artists out there. (Or, maybe it’s just me. Actually, scratch that. It’s probably just me. A lot of people are tall when you’re 5’3″…)

However, there are also a ton of awesome artists that are less astoundingly tall!! Most of the female artists I’ve met are actually around the same height as me! This is our secret advantage, because that means that we totally get tons of leg-room during all of those long flights to cons. We. So. Win.

Anyway, from left to right we have:

Jeph Jacques, of Questionable Content
Ryan North, of Dinosaur Comics
Jennie Breeden, of The Devil’s Panties*
Danielle Corsetto, of Girls with Slingshots
Angela Melick, of Wasted Talent

* Jennie wasn’t at Emerald City, but had to be included in the lineup because she’s awesome! Also, her boots are highly recognizable, and make her much taller than she normally draws herself!

News: Posted March 23rd, 2010 by Alina

^ One Comment to “Webcomics party!!!”

  1. vince Says:

    Ironically enough, it looks like she’ll be heading to Seattle for Sakura Con during Easter weekend, according to her latest Saturday Con update comic………..

    Posted March 27th, 2010 at 2:12 am

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