Psychic hedgehogs

I know that there’s no way for hedgehogs to understand English. Hedgehogs are very simple creatures. Dogs might be able to learn to recognize words, but hedgehogs, I’m sure, only hear noises as the massive, ominous rumblings of Scary Things From Above.

However, that being said, my little beasties are ALARMINGLY GOOD at knowing when I’ve come into their room in order to feed them, play with them and give them treats, or when I’ve come to get them for their baths and subsequent nail-trimming. I have no idea how they know. Maybe I smell different when it’s time for nail-trimming. Who knows?

Either way, I have to drag those little beasties out of their beds whenever I need to trim their nails. Poor little beasties. At least I make it up to them afterwards with plenty of wormie-treats.

News: Posted October 4th, 2011 by Alina

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